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As a patient at Confident Dental & Implant Clinic, you can be assured that we will only use the very best materials that are going to give your dental work longevity, minimising need for replacement.

Being a private practice, you will benefit from longer appointment times, ensuring you are given the time you need with your dentist, ensuring that you understand the need for your dental care and have the opportunity to ask questions along the way.

Here is a guide to our practice fees;

Clinical examinations

New General Dentistry Patient Clinical Assessment £110 (includes any clinically justified 2D radiographs)
Let us know what YOU want to plan your future care. An all inclusive appointment including detailed clinical examination and 2D Xrays as needed to assess your situation, discuss and present options to you.

Implant Clinical Assessment £105 (with any radiographs chargeable where required)
A comprehensive clinical assessment and detailed consideration of your suitability for dental implant treatment options implant dentist oral surgeon Dr Colin Neil.

Maintenance examination £77
Prevention is better than cure! Helping you to keep your mouth in top condition and tailored to your needs.


Black to white fillings from £115
Look good and be healthier! Swap those silver amalgams for tooth coloured fillings.

‘No drilling’ fillings from £54
Air abrasion (microscopic sandblasting) with ‘stick on’ fillings


Direct Access / New Patient Hygienist Session including Airflow GBT £136 (40mins or 1 hr)
Your first session with one of our highly trained hygienists to improve your overall oral health, including the Airflow GBT clean which patients find comfortable and effective.

Hygienist Follow-up Cleaning with Airflow GBT £102 (available at lower cost without Airflow if you prefer)
Healthier gums, fresher breath, remove staining & leave with a gleaming smile!

Tooth Whitening

At home whitening £361
Custom made whitening trays to take home. Achieve a brighter, whiter smile.

Zoom whitening From £546
In-surgery 1 hour rapid whitening PLUS take home top up trays. Ideal for fast results.

Smile Makeovers

Take advantage of our vast experience in cosmetic dentistry and multi-disciplinary team. We can create the smile you have always wanted

Crowns, bridges, veneers – Quoted individually
Your opportunity to work towards a stunning smile.

Cosmetic re-contouring – Quoted individually
Simple reshaping of teeth and gums.

Dental Implants – Quoted individually
Simple reshaping of teeth and gums.

Inman Aligner From £1,906
Straighter teeth in as little as 8 weeks!!! We were one of the first 30 dentists in the country to complete the certification course to fit these appliances and the Inman Aligner remains the most rapid and discrete way of straightening your teeth. Have a look at the website to see exactly how this system works

ClearGuideTM From£1,685 
Quick simple teeth straightening for adults.  This system works on a series of tailor made aligners. Have a look at this system in more detail

Preventive care

Diagnodent £60
Laser check of hidden holes for minimal intervention dentistry

Air abrasion & sealants from £56
Microscopic sandblasting & surface coatings to
prevent decay in deep grooves.

Cold Sore Treatment from £60
Ozone treatment to kill unsightly cold sore virus

SleepwellTM Anti-snoring device
Are you (or your partner) tired of sleepless nights? A non-surgical solution for snoring.
Consultation £110
Anti-snoring appliance £490

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