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Dissolve away your dental anxieties & get that dental treatment you’ve always wanted – drug free!

Are you scared of the dentist and been putting off dental treatment you really would like to have done?

At Confident Dental Care, we see people daily who are extremly apprehensive about the Dentist and put them at ease about modern treatments.

Ask about NuCalm at Confident Dental Care. NuCalm is a revolutionary technology which puts the brakes on anxiety and calms the body without the use of drugs.

NuCalm uses the body’s own mechanism for creating a relaxing, rejuvenating dental experience by mimicking the natural communication pathways for preparing the body for sleep. When experiencing NuCalm, you exhibit deep breathing and muscle relaxation. You can respond to voice commands but are typically unable to have an anxious response because the system entrains the body to the first stage of sleep.

If you like the sound of this treatment you can download a news release from Aesthetic dentistry today here or an information leaflet from NuCalm here. Call us on 01453 764287 to see how you could benefit from the new treatment.

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