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Are you looking for a quality Dental practice offering premium Dental care for the whole family?  At Confident Dental Care you’ll find a different approach to dentistry.  We will listen to you as an individual and design a dental care plan to suit your expectations  and requirements with the care and attention you deserve.

As a new patient, your first visit will be an hour long, one-to-one appointment with your dentist discussing your Dental expectations and desires.  Your smile questionnaire will help to identify what YOU would like from your treatment with us, whether it be a Smile Make-over to improve your existing smile or simply to keep your teeth as healthy as they can possibly be.

Our superb team of hygients will work closely with the dentist to ensure not only that your smile is kept as bright as it can be but to ensure that your gums are also well looked after.  After family dental careall, it’s usually what we can’t see that causes problems in our mouths.

You will also be able to choose:

* White fillings
* Removal of grey, amalgam fillings
* Tooth coloured fillings for mending gaps
* Tooth whitening (at home or in surgery)
* Veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and dentures
* Root Canal treatment
* Simple and surgical extractions

Our hygiene services include:

* Periodontal (gum) treatments
* Scale and polish
* Oral health screening
* Florida probe treatment (state-of-the-art gum pocket measurement device)
* Full mouth disinfection programmes
* Tooth whitening
* Sports guards

Our Cosmetic menu consists of:

* Smile designs
* Dental implants
* Tooth whitening
* inman aligner (tooth non invasive tooth straightening in as little as 6 weeks!).

Call us now on 01453 764287 to book your New Patient Consultation and we will work with you to create your healthy, confident smile.

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