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Dr Colin Neil BDS MFDS RCS MSc DipDentSed MSurgDent completed the University of Warwick’sHands-on training from April Implant Event MSc in Implant Dentistry and is now involved in examining for the University of Warwick’s Implant Dentistry MSc course and is an examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons’ Faculty Implant Dentistry Diploma course and tutor for the Royal College of Surgeons’ Faculty Oral Surgery course. Dr Neil is also Clinical Coach for AstraTech Dentsply Implants and he has completed the Association of Dental Implantology’s (ADI, UK) mentor training accreditation ( and has accepted the ADI’s invitation for him to become part of their ADI Training Faculty. Dr Neil has also lectured on implant surgery internationally, so mentoring is definitely something he is both well qualified and passionate to help you with.

Dr Colin Neil and Confident Dental Care & Implants Centre provide training for other dentists interested in implant dentistry with regular training events held using our live-feed AV and seminar room facilities. Dentists please click this link for further information and to book your place on our next implant dentistry course: 

Regarding Confident Dental Implant Coaching/Mentoring options, there are 3 alternatives:

Option 1 (no charge to you)
I would be happy to either have you come to my practice with your referred implant/grafting patients and be involved as much or as little as you wish with all related implant lab and component charges paid by me and all patient implant fees payable to me


Option 2 (no charge to you)
for me to come to your practice with my nurse and implant equipment and assess/treat your implant/grafting patients with you again involved as much or as little as you wish with all related implant lab and component charges paid by me and all patient implant fees payable to me.

Both of the aforementioned options are offered at no charge to you and would be ideal if you don’t already have your own implant equipment and the latter option especially helps you to establish your own implant services amongst your patients and staff.

Option 3 (Monthly fee payable to Confident Dental Implant Mentoring/Coaching=£650)
This final approach to mentoring may appeal if you are already more established (and have your own equipment?) especially if:

  • You don’t want to commit to a lot of time away from your practice
  • You haven’t found a course that offers you real support/hand holding as required once the course is completed.
  • You want someone to give specific, focused help on how to implement and set up implant protocols and systems for success in your own practice including long term maintenance.
  • You want to work with someone who has already succeeded in developing an implant service for his patients, is approachable and works in busy dental practice like you do.
  • You have done some implant theory and/or clinical courses and have some knowledge of the theory, but you want guidance on how to do it in your own practice.
  • You need the support of a friendly colleague who has done this successfully for themselves previously so as to ease the risk element for you and reduce your ‘fear factor’.

With this Confident Dental Implant Mentoring/Coaching approach, Dr Colin Neil and his team can help with any logistical/treatment planning or clinical concerns relating to dental implants such as:

  • How long should appointments be booked for realistically?
  • How do I set my fees appropriately?
  • What equipment is essential at the start?
  • What implant system to buy?
  • How do I get the most support from an implant system ‘Rep’?
  • Which cases should I attempt in the early stages?
  • How do I sell and market implant services to my patients?
  • Who can I turn to with any implant related concern?

Aspects included in monthly mentor/coaching program:

  • Your practice manager/implant coordinator has access for advice from our own Practice Manager, Claire or implant admin. Sarah or implant nurse coordinators, Kirsty and Ro.
  • Implant Mentoring Gym – phone & e-mail mentoring with me as required by you.
  • 10% reduction on any courses run at Confident Dental Care & Implants Centre for you or your nurse.
  • One-to-One Guided Surgery – up to 2 sessions per quarter (i.e. Monday to Thursday am or pm session)  included in the monthly coaching/mentor fee. These sessions are for direct assistance with YOUR own cases for implant or bone/sinus grafting surgery at your own practice (if within 60 min travelling time of Confident Dental Care & Implants Centre, Stroud)

Implant placement from April Implant EventYou perform your own implant surgery on your patient with shoulder-to-shoulder assistance & guidance from Dr Colin Neil as required.

Contact us for information via the online contact form or call direct on 01453 764287.  We look forward to working with you.

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