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Being a patient in a family practice is different.

  • It means you know that your team is stable, so you will know and be able to develop a relationship with the staff that will be here to help you
  • It means that the team are in it for the long term, so we can stage your treatment to suit you. It means that we can think about and plan for your best long-term care, and that hopefully we will be the ones here to make it happen
  • It means that if things are going wrong – if fillings are breaking, teeth are fracturing or your gums are not healthy as they need to be, we can explore why and help to prevent these problems in the future
  • It means that when we take photographs and radiographs, we can compare against them in five, ten or fifteen years’ time, and so look reflectively at where we started to make sure we are heading in the right direction
  • It means that when you give feedback, it will be listened to and acted upon, so that we are always improving our care
  • From my own personal perspective, it means that I am very supported in becoming the best dentist I can be, by a team whom I respect and admire. It means that everything that I do has a very deep level of importance, and that I really do care how my patients feel about their experiences at my hands
  • Most importantly, it means that you know that there is a continuity of our philosophy of care throughout the whole team, which puts our patients first in everything that we do.

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