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Ewa RozwadowskaWith 30 years on Dental experience, Dr Ewa Rozwadowska’s passion is to give you that smile you’ve always wanted.

Do you want a brighter, cleaner, more attractive smile?  Are old, ill-fitting crowns causing you embarressment?  Perhaps you just want to improve the appearance of a mis-shapen tooth?  If you would like to improve something about your smile, come and see us for a consultations.

Confident SmileWhatever improvement or change you are looking for, Dr Rozwadowska will be able to offer endless Dental Options to get exactly what you want to improve or enhance your appearance.  Whether you are looking for simple, non-invasive veneers or tooth coloured fillings to improve the appearance of your teeth, or something more complex like crowns, bridges or implants, our local award winning dental technician will create the most beautiful, handcrafted restorations, you will not be able to tell them apart from your real teeth.

At your initial visit, we’ll sit together and talk through your wishes and ideas for your improved smile.  We will be able to show you examples of smiles we have created for others and with the help of the amazing craftmanship provided by our dental technicians, can even show you a life-like wax model of what your smile could look like before even starting the smile design.

BACD LogoDr Rozwadowska has been practising Dentistry in Gloucestershire for over 30 years and has a particular passion for Cosmetic Dentistry.  Dr Rozwadowska is a full member of the British academy for Cosmetic Dentistry, which ensures that she achieves Clinical excellence through professional development with regular education in cosmetic dentistry in the last two years.

Call now and book your Consultation with Dr Rozwadowska and see how we can really make you smile.

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